Assessment of climate change mitigation potential of the Macedonian transport sector

Dedinec, Aleksandar and Markovska, Nataša and Taseska, Verica and Duić, Neven and Kanevce, Gligor (2013) Assessment of climate change mitigation potential of the Macedonian transport sector. = Assessment of climate change mitigation potential of the Macedonian transport sector. Energy, 57. pp. 177-187. ISSN 0360-5442. Vrsta rada: ["eprint_fieldopt_article_type_article" not defined]. Kvartili JCR: Q1 (2013). Točan broj autora: 5.

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As forecasted by the International Energy Agency Energy Technology Perspectives baseline scenario, the largest increment in LDV (light-duty vehicles) stock, travel demand and transport sector energy consumption will take place in the developing world. In the developing countries where the import of used vehicles is allowed, a considerable portion of the LDV stock increment will be realized with used vehicles.In this paper, the analytical framework for assessment of climate change mitigation potential of transport sector in developing countries is adapted in order to incorporate the expected vehicle fleet increase with used vehicles. The evaluation of appropriate mitigation strategies is performed using the GHG Costing Model (GACMO), which compares each mitigation option with the BAU (business-as-usual) option and determines its environmental effectiveness (t CO2 reduced) and economic effectiveness (US/t CO2 reduced).The adapted analytical framework is applied on the case of transport sector of Macedonia, evaluating appropriate options inline with five mitigation strategies: improvement of vehicle fleet, introduction of low carbon fuels, improvement of travel behaviour, advancement of vehicle equipment and improvement of driver behaviour. The resulting marginal cost curve for the year 2020 indicates a total achievable reduction of 22 with respect to BAU GHG transport sector emissions, with bulk of it at relatively high specific costs of around 90 US/t CO2.

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Keywords (Croatian): Climate change mitigation; Economic effectiveness; Environmental effectiveness; International energy agency; Light duty vehicles; Marginal abatement cost curves; Marginal cost curves; Transport; Climate change; Developing countries; Energy utilization; Greenhouse gases; Motor transportation; Carbon dioxide; analytical framework; assessment method; climate change; cost-benefit analysis; developing world; energy conservation; greenhouse gas; numerical model; Macedonia Southern Europe
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCE > Mechanical Engineering
Divisions: 500 Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment > 510 Power Engineering and Energy Management Chair
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Quartiles: Q1 (2013)
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