Biomehanička svojstva kostiju štakora tretiranih sevelamerom

Drača, Nataša and Tikvica, Ana and Eljuga, Domagoj and Semenski, Damir and Brnčić, Mladen and Vukičević, Slobodan (2011) Biomehanička svojstva kostiju štakora tretiranih sevelamerom. = Biomechanical properties of bones from rats treated with sevelamer. Collegium Antropologicum, 35 (2). pp. 557-563. ISSN 0350-6134. Vrsta rada: ["eprint_fieldopt_article_type_article" not defined]. Kvartili JCR: Q3 (2011). Točan broj autora: 6.

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Sevelamer hydrochloride is used for ten years in patients on dialysis as a phosphate binder.We have previously shown that oral application of sevelamer prevents the bone loss and increases the bone volume in ovariectomized rats1. In this study we further analysed the biomechanical properties of bones from rats treated with sevelamer utilizing a threepoint bending test to determine the mechanical properties of the cortical bone of the mid-shaft femur, while the indentation test was used to determine the mechanical properties of cancellous bone in the marrow cavity of the distal femoral metaphysis. Parameters analyzed included: maximum load (Fu), stiffness (S), energy absorbed (W), toughness (T) and ultimate strength (σ). The intrinsic properties, stress, elastic modulus and toughness were determined from measured maximum load, strains, stiffness, energy absorbed, outer and inner diameters, and calculated bone cross-sectional moment of inertia. Sevelamer was given to rats for 25 weeks with a content of 3 of sevelamer in a standard diet, starting immediately following ovariectomy (OVX). Animals were divided to the following groups: (1) Sham; (2) Sham + sevelamer 3; (3) OVX; (4) OVX + sevelamer 3. Our results showed that sevelamer particularly influenced the rat trabecular bone by increasing the maximum load for 26.2, energy absorbed for 24.2 and the ultimate strength for 26.2 in sham animals treated with sevelamer 3, as compared to sham rats. Sevelamer 3 in OVX rats also increased the maximum load for 71.4, stiffness for 70.7, energy absorbed for 55.9 and the ultimate strength for 71.3 as compared to OVX controls. In the three bending test sevelamer had a very little effect on preventing loss of bone strenght in the cortical bone. These results collectively suggest that sevelamer improves bone biomechanical properties, mainly affecting trabecular bone quality in both normal and ovariectomized rats.

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Keywords (Croatian): chelating agent; polyamine; sevelamer; animal; article; biomechanics; drug effect; female; femur; physiology; rat; shear strength; Sprague Dawley rat; Young modulus; Animals; Biomechanics; Chelating Agents; Elastic Modulus; Female; Femur; Polyamines; Rats; Rats; Sprague-Dawley; Shear Strength
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