Numerical investigation on the three-dimensional unsteady flow past a 5:1 rectangular cylinder

Mannini, Claudio and Šoda, Ante and Schewe, Guenter (2011) Numerical investigation on the three-dimensional unsteady flow past a 5:1 rectangular cylinder. = Numerical investigation on the three-dimensional unsteady flow past a 5:1 rectangular cylinder. Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 99 (4). pp. 469-482. ISSN 0167-6105. Vrsta rada: Original scientific paper. Kvartili JCR: Q2 (2011). .

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This paper deals with the three-dimensional simulation of the unsteady flow around a stationary 5:1 rectangular cylinder at zero-degree angle of attack, low Mach number (M∞=0.1) and high Reynolds number (Re=26,400, based on the plate thickness). Detached-Eddy Simulation (DES) was adopted as strategy of turbulence modeling. Results obtained with a hybrid mesh show satisfactory agreement when validated against experimental data and other computational results from the literature. Particular attention is devoted to the effects of the spanwise extension of the computational domain. Results show that the common choice of a spanwise period equal to the chord of the cylinder might not be enough to allow the natural loss of correlation of the pressure fluctuations and the free development of large-scale turbulent structures. The key role played by the amount of numerical dissipation, which is introduced by the second-order central difference scheme used to discretize the inviscid fluxes in the governing equations, is highlighted. The promising results obtained with DES for this benchmark test case suggest that this hybrid method is well suited for complex problems of high-Reynolds number bluff body aerodynamics and fluid-structure coupling. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Item Type: Article (Original scientific paper)
Keywords (Croatian): BARC benchmark; Benchmark tests; Bluff body aerodynamics; Central difference scheme; Complex problems; Computational domains; Computational results; Detached eddy simulations; Experimental data; Fluid-structure coupling; Governing equations; High Reynolds number; Hybrid meshes; Hybrid method; Inviscid fluxes; Low Mach numbers; Numerical dissipation; Numerical investigations; Plate thickness; Pressure fluctuation; Rectangular cylinder; Second orders; Three dimensional simulations; Three-dimensional unsteady flow; Turbulence modeling; Turbulent structures; Computational fluid dynamics; Cylinders (shapes); Fluid dynamics; Fluids; Mach number; Reynolds number; Three dimensional; Three dimensional computer graphics; Unsteady flow; Aerodynamics
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