Research Testbed for HCCI Engine

Božić, Mladen and Vučetić, Ante and Ilinčić, Petar and Kozarac, Darko and Lulić, Zoran (2015) Research Testbed for HCCI Engine. = Research Testbed for HCCI Engine. In: The 25th JUMV International Automotive Conference “Science and Motor Vehicles 2015″, 14-15.04.2015, Beograd, Srbija.

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Within the project Experimentally Supported Development of Advanced Internal Combustion Engine Models (ExDAM) a new engine testbed is designed. During a phase of the testbed conceptual design, it has been concluded that the existing eddy current dyno is inadequate for planned tasks, so decision was made to build a new testbed with the AC dyno. For the new AC dyno asynchronous electromotor is selected. The paper gives an overview of advances in knowledge and results of the work done in order to create research testbed for homogenous charge compression ignition (HCCI) engine. Based on the IC engine specification the electromotor with electrical components for AC dyno was selected. Subsequent to the AC dyno, IC engine was modified from compression ignition internal combustion (CI IC) engine to HCCI engine. For that purpose as a base for experimental HCCI engine, single cylinder air cooled, engine is selected. Also, for HCCI engine to operate, additional laboratory and industrial equipment for air and fuel conditioning were provided. Controls for electronic components needed to power the dyno and basic functions of the dyno control and automation, including safety procedures, are developed in SIMATIC Step 7 programming software and downloaded on the programmable logic controller (PLC) which control’s dyno torque and rotational speed. Dyno torque is not measured. It is estimated from the electric current flow to the electromotor. Estimation of engine torque instead of precise torque measurement is done because of limited funding. At this stage of the project in- cylinder pressure indicating is only required so accurate torque measurement is not necessary. As PLC controls only the dyno, monitoring and control of the testbed was made through the parallel system on remote PC with the National Instruments (NI) programming software and hardware.

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Keywords (Croatian): IC engine, HCCI engine, AC dyno, testbed, control, regulation, measurement.
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCE > Mechanical Engineering
Divisions: 400 Department of IC Engines and Mechanical Handling Equipment > 410 Chair of IC Engines and Motor Vehicles
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