Cycle-simulation turbulence modelling of IC engines

Sjerić, Momir and Kozarac, Darko and Ormuž, Krunoslav (2016) Cycle-simulation turbulence modelling of IC engines. = Cycle-simulation turbulence modelling of IC engines. International journal of automotive technology, 17 (1). pp. 51-61. ISSN 1229-9138. Vrsta rada: ["eprint_fieldopt_article_type_article" not defined]. Kvartili JCR: Q4 (2016). Točan broj autora: 3.

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Numerical simulations of IC engines are of high interest for automotive engineers worldwide. The simulation models should be as fast as possible, low- computational effort and predictive tool. The correct prediction of turbulence level inside the combustion chamber of spark ignition engines is the most important factor influencing to the engine working cycle. This paper presents a development of the k-ε turbulence model applied to the commercial cycle-simulation software with the high emphasis on the intake part. The validation was performed on two engine geometries with the variation of engine speed and load comparing the cycle-simulation results of the turbulent kinetic energy and in-cylinder temperature with 3-D CFD results. In order to apply the cycle- simulation turbulence model for the simulation of entire engine map, the parameterization model of turbulence constants was proposed. The parameterized turbulence model was optimized using NLPQL optimization algorithm where the single set of turbulence model parameters for each engine was found. A good agreement of the turbulent kinetic energy during the expansion was achieved when the turbulence affects the flame front propagation and combustion rate as well.

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Keywords (Croatian): cycle-simulation, turbulence, combustion, spark-ignition engine
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCE > Mechanical Engineering
Divisions: 400 Department of IC Engines and Mechanical Handling Equipment > 410 Chair of IC Engines and Motor Vehicles
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Quartiles: Q4 (2016)
Date Deposited: 15 Apr 2016 11:10
Last Modified: 20 Mar 2018 08:26

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