Visualisation of the Organisational Knowledge and Information Structures Evolution

Škec, Stanko and Štorga, Mario and Marjanović, Dorian (2013) Visualisation of the Organisational Knowledge and Information Structures Evolution. = Visualisation of the Organisational Knowledge and Information Structures Evolution. EUREKA E8723 VISINEV project.

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In the particular domain of organisational knowledge management, recent works introduce visualization techniques to tackle the issues raised by email overload and growing organisational knowledge. As a communication medium, email is inherently suitable for social network analysis (SNA) and dynamic network analysis (DNA). Moreover, given SNA’s and DNA’s long history of visual exploration, it is only natural that researchers came to create email‐based social network visualizations with increasing efficiency. Most of this work has been done so that experts can better understand communication patterns emerging in organisations. The most known of this approach is the work being done by team of researchers in Berkeley, which built an entire suite of visualizations for revealing social network patterns in the now public Enron email archives. In addition to visualizing the structure of existing email networks, researchers have also started to look at different aspects of email collaboration dynamics in the hope of finding meaningful and predictive patterns of future trends. Approach that presented in this report differs from previously described because it relies on the content of the email messages as an addition to the header information, in order to visually display organisational knowledge growth over the time. Besides showing the temporal rhythm of interactions based on email content, it provides also the clues about topics discussed and terms used by different members of the organisation in correlation to geographic distribution of the knowledge assets. By visualisation of the content evolution, described approach supports better understanding of the mediated relationships between the content and context of the organisational knowledge.

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Keywords (Croatian): organisational knowledge, information structures, visualisation
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCE > Mechanical Engineering
Divisions: 100 Department of Design > 110 Chair of Design
Date Deposited: 19 Sep 2016 14:10
Last Modified: 19 Sep 2016 14:10

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