3in1 - photocolorimeter , turbidimeter and nephelometer ( 3in1 - ptn )

Kovačić, Marin and Ašperger, Danijela and Ćurković, Lidija (2014) 3in1 - photocolorimeter , turbidimeter and nephelometer ( 3in1 - ptn ). = 3in1 - photocolorimeter , turbidimeter and nephelometer ( 3in1 - ptn ). In: International conference on materials, trybology, recycling, MATRIB 2014, 26-28.06.2014., Vela Luka.

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The 3in1 Photocolorimeter, Turbidimeter, Nephelometer (PTN) is a cost effective, portable and simple instrument which combines a photocolorimeter, nephelometer and turbidimeter in a compact chassis. The instrument features a different approach than usual methods to PC connectivity such as USB or serial ports by using the microphone input. It employs light-dependent resistors as photocolorimetric/turbidimetric and nephelometric detectors connected in resistive voltage dividers which control the frequency of a voltage controlled oscillator. The oscillator produces a continuous stream of rectangular pulses which are passed into a PC microphone input. The pulses are automatically recorded and analysed by software in order to represent the user with meaningful results, such as absorbance units of nephelometric/formazine turbidity units (NTU/FTU). The pulses can be acquired and recorded by other means, such as an oscilloscope or digital acquisition card. In order to validate the instrument, a commercial dual-beam spectrophotometer was used (Perkin Elmer Lambda 35) and both instruments were used to measure the turbidity (apparent absorbance) of non-commercial formazine turbidity standards and to measure the concentrations of sulphate in standard solutions of sodium sulphate. The 3in1 PTN has a limit of detection equal to 0.009 within a 99% confidence interval, while the quantification limit is equal to 0.042 absorbance units. The 3in1 PTN was successfully applied to determination of sulphates in groundwater and surface waters and has shown to be a economically viable alternative to commercial instrumentation for student laboratories due to its low cost, simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Item Type: Conference or Workshop Item (Poster)
Keywords (Croatian): photocolorimeter, turbidimeter, nephelometer, voltage controlled oscillator, microphone input
Subjects: NATURAL SCIENCES > Chemistry
Divisions: 1000 Department of Materials > 1010 Chair of Materials and Tribology
Date Deposited: 20 Sep 2016 13:57
Last Modified: 20 Sep 2016 13:57
URI: http://repozitorij.fsb.hr/id/eprint/6515

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