Proceedings of the 12th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2012 (Volume 1)

Marjanović, Dorian and Štorga, Mario and Pavković, Neven and Bojčetić, Nenad, eds. (2012) Proceedings of the 12th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2012 (Volume 1). = Proceedings of the 12th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2012 (Volume 1). 1847-9073, 1 . Fakultet strojarstva i brodogradnje, The Design Society, Zagreb, -. ISBN 978-953-7738-18-1

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The 12th International Design Conference - DESIGN 2012 follows the experience, understanding and research streams from the past DESIGN conference events. The conference motto “Excellence in Design” has not changed and has become a watermark of DESIGN conference events. With such a call authors have submitted 305 manuscripts for the DESIGN 2012 conference. Based on 811 reviews, prepared by the members of Scientific Advisory Board, programme chairs have selected 211 papers to be included in this proceedings. The research papers published in DESIGN 2012 three volume proceedings illustrate the many facets of design, both as an activity and as an outcome. Design knowledge is founded on academic subjects, but the essence of design is much more, in all its levels. Design is the essence of everything produced by humans, from the first stone tools to the modern carbon fibre supercars. It is behind the spark that leads to invention, it is the centre of every production. It is the collaborative endeavour of many and the inspiration of one. Its complexity is often best reflected in the simplest of solutions. Design is a thing that comes to life only at the end of its journey. And excellent design is one that at the end of that journey changes the lives of others. We believe in the transformative power of excellent design, design that effortlessly ebbs and flows through society, design that shapes the lives of many enabling society to function in a better way, for people to live easier, safer and healthier. Concurrently this same design is a direct answer to demands, albeit sometimes unawares asked by the society in a constant interaction of shaping and reshaping of each other. No matter which way we look at it, change is the only constant of design. This change can be a radical leap forward shaping our future or a reminiscent pause, reminding us of often forgotten wisdom behind past solutions. The reality of change in technology, environment, demands and expectations is all-too evident. In thirty years since the first DESIGN conference was organised in Zagreb almost nothing is the same. Nothing but the rationale behind engineering and design in the heart of profession. Changes in product development, methods and tools used in design and manufacturing lead to outcomes that cost less and use fewer materials, demand less energy and human work, all of the time delivering more of the value for the price. Production is becoming vastly more efficient and the cost of labour as a proportion of the total cost of production is diminishing. As a consequence and opposite to mass production we are witnessing the growth of products designed and manufactured to address individual needs. With this idea in mind partners, developers and customers are coming ever more closely together in order to plan, engineer, manufacture and fulfil vast range of projects. We are on the verge of new paradigme of “social production”, where the borders between engineering and design, production and use are fading. How do we react? How does this influence engineering design methodologies and tools in practice? How is it possible to improve design projects and processes? How can we improve the development of products and services? Which competencies, information and communication technologies are needed? What is the impact on the everyday design work? What social and legal issues should be considered? What are the new advances in design theory and research? Just browsing to the conference topics can illustrate the fact. That essence of design is what we are trying to research and understand again on the DESIGN 2012 conference.

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Keywords (Croatian): design organisation and management, design processes, design support tools, engineering design practice, design methods, design theory and researsh methods, industrial design, design information and knowledge, systems engineering and design, human behaviour and design, sociotechnical issues in design, design education
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCE > Mechanical Engineering
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