Numerical 3D simulation of bulk metal forming

Škunca, Marko and Math, Miljenko and Keran, Zdenka and Grizelj, Branko Numerical 3D simulation of bulk metal forming. = Numerical 3D simulation of bulk metal forming. DAAAM International Scientific Book 2004. . Vrsta rada: ["eprint_fieldopt_article_type_article" not defined]. . Točan broj autora: 4. (In Press)

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Intensive development of a Finite Element FE programs brings them close to the application and everyday engineering praxis. After (Mackerle, 2002) in the year 2002 there have been 1538 FE programs registered. The major commercially available FE programs for forming process simulation are enumerated in (Haepp & Roll 1999). Their availability enabled the production engineers to use them for obtaining the quick answers to a non typical problems emerging in everyday engineering praxis (Soltani et al., 1997) or (Altan et al. 1995). Commercial FE programs can be used in parallel with the experiment while researching a bulk metal forming technology. The result is improvement of both, FE and experiment. Likewise obtained FE model can be used for giving mentoned quick answers for similar processes. In estimation of those similarities only the experienced engineers can take a serious part by having an insight in both ; principles of FE analysis and real metalforming process. Therefore to enable a simultaneous engagement in applied FEM and praxis there was a need to give a brief review of the used Finite Element Method and it was done in this paper. All the steps from the principle of the virtual work to the iterative solvers used in Marc are explained in order to clarify the main problems in structural, non linear analysis. Since MSC Marc is a universal solver used as a module in many different CAM software, this paper should provide an insight in Marc FEM solution techniques. In the end, a bulk metal forming process - radial gear extrusion of a gear is performed to demonstrate a capability of the used software.

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Keywords (Croatian): Radial gear extrusion, FE simulation, MSC Marc, FE volume loss.
Divisions: 1200 Department of Technology > 1220 Chair of Metal Forming
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