Open-source computational model of a solid oxide fuel cell

Beale, Steven B. and Choi, Hae-Won and Pharoah, Jon and Roth, Helmut and Jasak, Hrvoje and Jeon, Dong Hyup (2016) Open-source computational model of a solid oxide fuel cell. = Open-source computational model of a solid oxide fuel cell. Computer physics communications, 200. pp. 15-26. ISSN 0010-4655. Vrsta rada: ["eprint_fieldopt_article_type_article" not defined]. Kvartili JCR: Q1 (2016). Točan broj autora: 6.

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The solid oxide fuel cell is an electro-chemical device which converts chemical energy into electricity and heat. To compete in today's market, design improvements, in terms of performance and life cycle, are required. Numerical prototypes can accelerate design and development progress. In this programme of research, a three- dimensional solid oxide fuel cell prototype, openFuelCell, based on open-source computational fluid dynamics software was developed and applied to a single cell. Transport phenomena, combined with the solution to the local Nernst equation for the open-circuit potential, as well as the Kirchhoff-Ohm relationship for the local current density, allow local electro-chemistry, fluid flow, multi-component species transport, and multi-region thermal analysis to be considered. The underlying physicochemical hydrodynamics, including porous- electrode and electro-chemical effects are described in detail. The openFuelCell program is developed in an object-oriented open-source C++ library. The code is available at The paper also describes domain decomposition techniques considered in the context of highly efficient parallel programming.

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Keywords (Croatian): solid oxide fuel cell; computational fluid dynamics; physicochemical hydrodynamics; electro-chemistry; heat and mass transfer
Subjects: TECHNICAL SCIENCE > Mechanical Engineering
Divisions: 500 Department of Energy, Power Engineering and Environment > 530 Chair of Turbomachinery
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Quartiles: Q1 (2016)
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